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Loving and Serving Others

Pomona UMC understands its deep responsibility to those in our community. We understand that the ministry of God to the world is one that we have a part in fulfilling. Since we understand this need there are several ministries that happen in the community.
We visit Life Care Center each weak to serve by singing, praying with, and visiting the patients. The church is on schedule with the local rescue mission for holding service with their worshipping community. The youth and adults are involved in Christian organizations that serve our community. If you have a desire to work among those in your community we have plenty of opportunities to for you to fulfill the responsibility of revealing Christ's love to others.

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Children, Youth, and Adults

Summer is not the only time we minister to the children and youth in the church. Sunday morning there is a time of study and fellowship for all ages from children to adults. 
Wednesday night we have a time for fellowship and discipleship with a family meal. We make sure we are feeding the spirit and the body. 
We deeply cherish the children in our congregation and we work hard to make sure that safety is a number one goal for the children of Pomona UMC. 

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Music, Liturgy, Sacraments

Pomona UMC has a vibrant music ministry.  There are opportunities to sing in the choir, play music, participate in special services throughout the Church year. 

There are also always opportunities to assist in the worship service.  You can participate in the liturgy, announcements, the sacraments, and more. It takes a village to create memorable and impactful services. We need your help.